Glovia is one of the old, original ERP software companies still around and still kicking having started back in the 1970's. The product was originally a service hatched out of Xerox, specifically the Xerox Computing Services group. It was originally a hosted app, sold to manufacturing companies on a time of use basis, back then known as Time Sharing.

The product jumped out of hosted only model, and in the 1980's was sold as an self hosted application, still targeting the manufacturing sector. At that time, it was known as XBMS.

In the 1990's the product was relaunched and rebranded as Xerox Chess. It touted the popular "client/server" approach and an all new look and feel. This was a high growth period for manufacturing software and the Chess product enjoyed some success with manufacturers looking for deep MRP functionality.They also spent the 90's building up the functionality to support Engineer-to-Order and Automotive environments and gained some large, blue-chip customers.

One of those blue-chip companies decided to buy the product from Xerox, and market the product themselves. Fujitsu purchased Chess from Xerox and again renamed, rebranded, and relaunched the product as Glovia. The product is still known as Glovia today, and continues to evolve it's technology and user interface.

See more on the company's website:

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