BatchMaster Software, Inc. is based in Laguna Hills, California. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, BSI is the developer of BatchMaster ERP, an Enterprise Resource Planning software solution for formula/recipe based mid-market process manufacturers.

Other Solutions Edit

BatchMaster Software, Inc., has also developed OptiPro ERP - A Discrete manufacturing ERP solution.

BSI has developed various other software solutions like BatchMaster Mobile - a warehouse optimization solution for wireless handheld devices, BatchMaster Electronic Data Interchange - securely exchanges business data with key participants, BatchMaster Advanced Planning & Scheduling - an online manufacturing order scheduling workbench, BatchMaster Alert Manager - for multilevel notification criteria based on complex business logic, BatchMaster Sample Request Management - a sample management tool with CRM capabilities and BatchMaster Demand Forecasting - a tool for predicting demand based on multiple sources of data.

External links Edit

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